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About: Married. Mother. 20's. Virgo. Hellenic polytheist.

♥♥;; Writing. Drawing. Painting. Crochet. Knitting. Meditating. Playing video games all night long. Practicing witchcraft. Learning & discovering new things. Tea. Browsing artwork. Swimming; the pure freshwater springs & the beach. Going on adventures. Camping. Spending time outdoors. Dreams that tell me stories. Homesteading and beekeeping. Getting lost in a good book. Riding horses under the moonlight. Kind people; well-mannered and thoughtful people. Helping people. Practicing divination; communicating with local spirits and faeries. Good animal husbandry. Having a good laugh with friends; having a good laugh period. Spending time with my family.

Video games I play: Resident Evil 4. Final Fantasy VII/etc. Final Fantasy X/X-2. Final Fantasy XII. Final Fantasy XIII/etc. Final Fantasy XV. Stardew Valley. Minecraft. Horizon Zero Dawn. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion/Skyrim. Silent Hill. Jak & Daxter. The Legend of Zelda. Final Fantasy Type-0. Dark Souls series. Bloodborne. Drakengard 3. Tales of Berseria. Trails of Cold Steel. The Witcher 3. Dragon Age series. Fallout series.

Currently playing: Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age

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